Adeptus Environmental Consultants is an experienced and small but extremely capable team based in Manchester within the north-west of England and they’re experts in advising on environmental, safety and risk issues relating to air quality, pollution, sustainability and safety. The company was founded in 1990 by Michael Burdock who is a member of the Institute of Chartered Surveyors and he has an extensive background in engineering, construction, and environmental consulting. They were awarded their current name from their founding CEO, Andy Williams who’s a Chartered Surveyor.

Adeptus has many years experience of providing expert advice to clients looking to mitigate against environmental risks and improve their own operations and the environment and they provide a variety of services relating to industrial cleanliness and hygiene, waste management, air quality management, and environmental reporting as well as a host of other areas. They also have a specialist environmental team that works with clients to implement a wide range of measures and plans that can reduce their carbon emissions, improve the efficiency of their operation and reduce their fuel bills.

Most of the Adeptus environmental consultants are highly experienced and they have a variety of qualifications ranging from a two-year degree at a university in order to gain a qualification in environmental engineering or related skills. They will then have a specific area of specialism which would be based on what they’re qualified to carry out in the field they’re involved in and this may include:

You should be aware that in order to become a member of Adeptus’ environmental consultants’ team you will need to be part of a specific industry sector where you are able to offer a high level of service and you’ll need to have a valid engineer license. They will also need to be an accredited member of the Institute of Chartered Surveyors (ICTS) so they can meet the requirements to become members of the ICSR. This is one of the biggest certifications you can acquire if you are looking to become a professional environmental consultant and you can take this test online.

To get into the Adeptus group you will be required to complete a relevant project that they will oversee and they will be looking for people who are able to carry out the duties and responsibilities associated with this project. When completing this form, you will be asked to supply a detailed description of your current job, any relevant experience and any relevant qualifications which you may have gained from work experience.

Once you are accepted as an Adeptus consultant, you will be expected to undertake a number of tasks and you will be assigned one project at a time. These tasks will be carried out by the staff and your role will involve the preparation and documentation of a series of studies and documents for the project as a whole. In the end, you will present these documents to the client and they will give you feedback on the progress you’ve made during the project.