EVR products are manufactured by Elasto-Valve Rubber Products Inc., a subsidiary of Devjo Industries. Founded in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, the company serves a range of industries. The company has significant engineering expertise and a comprehensive understanding of the flow of media through its products.

Elasto-Valve Rubber Products Inc.

Elasto-Valve Rubber Products Inc is a manufacturer of standardized and custom products that include expansion joints, hoses, elbows and connectors, and pressure sensors. These products are used in the food processing, pulp and paper, and petrochemical industries. Their products are distributed worldwide through distributors.


EVR CBD is a company that specializes in manufacturing hemp oil products containing CBD. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Spokane, Washington. Its mission is to provide the public with a safe and effective way to use CBD.

Expansion Joints

The EVR Products family of products manufactures hand-built and standardized products including rubber expansion joints, elbows and hoses, and pressure sensors. These products are used in a variety of industries including pulp and paper, food processing, and petrochemicals. Their distributors are located throughout the world.

Pinch Valves

Duckbill Check Valves is a manufacturer of standardized and hand-built pinch valves for industrial applications. TheĀ Full Article company also designs and manufactures rubber expansion joints, connectors, elbows and hoses, pressure sensors, and other valve accessories. It has distributors around the world and serves petrochemical, food, and pulp and paper industries.

Duct Connectors

EVR has a wide variety of duct connectors that are ideal for use in various applications. They are non-conductive, abrasion and corrosion-resistant, and offer high fatigue resistance. These products can also be insulated for use in high-temperature applications. Duct connectors are ideal for use in heating and air conditioning systems.

Pump Connectors

The EVR Products Company produces rubber-based products that help municipalities and industries control the flow of liquids and water. These products are used in industries including mining, pulp and paper, marine, power generation, petrochemical, and water and waste treatment. In addition, the company offers duckbill check valves to divert runoff water and prevent flooding of homes.

Replacement Sleeves

Providing rubber-based products for industrial applications and many other industries, EVR Products manufactures a wide variety of replacement sleeves and other products. The company offers both standard and customized options to meet the needs of their customers.